About gorito.

I’m Göran Billingskog, a.k.a. gorito, an artist from Stockholm, Sweden. Started painting as a teenager and worked as an art director in the U.S. for 30 years before returning to Sweden in 2010.

Nowadays, I focus on digital art, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional perspectives. My collections showcases digital paintings created on my iPad using Procreate. You can even catch cool time-lapse videos of my creative process on Instagram or by request.

During my exhibitions, I often pair my paintings with AI-generated video poems. Scan a QR code with your mobile device for a unique and immersive experience!

Inspired by pop culture, technology, everyday life, and nature, I explore the fusion of natural and artificial forms in my work.

For more info and artwork, check out my collections or explore my social channels.

Thanks for taking the time to discover my art!

Göran Billingskog, a.k.a. gorito