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gorito Fine Arts

Diana Ross portrait

Diana Ross portrait

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The portrait of Diana Ross was painted digitally using Procreate on an iPad with some finishing touches in Photoshop and other applications before I imported my artwork to my store.

Each print is signed and sold in a limited edition with a certificate of authenticity.

Each print is accompanied by an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) if requested.

She's the diva of soulful sounds,

Her voice a sweet, sweet melody,

Her songs will lift you off the ground,

And set your spirit soaring free.

From "Ain't No Mountain High Enough,"

To "I'm Coming Out" with flair,

She's got hits that make you feel the love,

And dance like you just don't care.

With "Upside Down" and "Love Hangover,"

She's captured hearts around the globe,

And when she sings, we can't stay sober,

Her music makes our bodies probe.

So here's to the queen of Motown,

Her talent truly knows no bounds,

Her legacy will carry on,

Her songs a symphony of sounds.

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